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About us

Questions & Answers - In conversation with the Managing Director of TechnoKer


What does TechnoKer actually manufacture?

That's a good question, I get it a lot from service providers and especially from potential applicants.
Our products are widely used in the production of cartridge heaters, coiled tubing cartridges, thermocouples, heating cables and many special applications. Basically in the conversion of electrical energy into heat.
As in the case of an immersion heater, for example. A current-insulating but heat-permeable ceramic is installed between the visible metal tube of the immersion heater and the electrical heating conductor.

Which materials are processed by the TechnoKer?

TechnoKer uses almost exclusively high purity magnesium oxide (MgO) as the material for manufacturing the products. The products are developed together with our customers and are used for the production of cartridge heaters, heating cables, thermocouples and many other products, basically wherever heat control in a defined temperature range is required.

What importance do sustainability and social commitment have for TechnoKer?

I think it has become clear to many since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis at the latest that we can no longer continue to do business as we have done up to now. We cannot continue to do business at the expense of nature, we must incorporate the concept of sustainability into all our economic activities. Entrepreneurs have a special responsibility in this regard, and we accept this responsibility. The following is a small list of our investments:

  • 2018 Use of the waste heat from our kilns through a thermal afterburner for heating and hot water.

  • 2021 Recycling of the valuable raw material MgO, thus avoiding waste and returning it to the production cycle.

  • 2021 Investment in a state-of-the-art energy-efficient high-temperature furnace.

  • 2022 Installation of a 205 kWp photovoltaic system.

  • 2022 Investment in sustainable workwear for all employees.

  • 2022 Conversion from natural gas to biogas.

The concept of sustainability also forms the basis for TechnoKer's social commitment. We deliberately refrain from giving promotional gifts and Christmas presents to our business partners. 

"Donation instead of gifts"

We therefore support a charitable organization every year with our donations.


  • 2020 Addiction and Youth Aid e. V.

    This year, our donation went to Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e. V. (Addiction and Youth Aid).

    We specifically support the project "Education and prevention of addiction" within the schools in the district of Kronach.

  • 2021 Flood aid in the Ahr valley

    This year we have decided to support the residents of the Ahr valley due to the great need.

  • 2022 UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe e.V.

    With our donation for winter aid in Ukraine, we have helped people who are in urgent need of support.

    The UN Refugee Agency provides people with clothing, blankets and food. They offer protection and safety from the violent clashes.

  • 2023 Children's and youth hospice Sternenzelt Bamberg 

    This year, we are supporting the important and valuable work of the Sternenzelt Bamberg children's and youth hospice with our donation.

    The hospice was opened in March 2023. Since then, it has accompanied and supported affected families during this difficult time. Here, children and young people can experience a break from everyday life with their parents and siblings.

In which areas will TechnoKer invest?

Basically, we want to get better every day, which is why we invest in technical equipment, but of course also in the further development of our employees. The guiding principle of sustainability forms the basis of our investment decisions. Furthermore, we expect our investment to further expand our quality leadership, to this end, we are working very closely with our partners. By the end of 2023, we will implement numerous investments in production technology in conjunction with appropriate digitalization, and we will also strive to become independent of fossil fuels as soon as possible.

What is important to us about our employees?

Reliability, care and openness are core values that we expect from our employees. Every process step, especially in production, requires the utmost care, starting with the incoming inspection of the raw materials, the production of the mixtures up to shipping requires precise work. It is important that the employees can rely on each other, every error in the process chain causes additional work in the following process steps. Should errors still occur, we see this as a grateful indication to improve ourselves and to analyze the errors in all openness with our employees and to eliminate the causes as well as possible.

What are our values?

  • Consistently high quality for our customers

  • Reliability, diligence, openness and the will for continuous development

  • Sustainable and long-term action shape our decisions

Signs of the times

Stability in terms of
Quality and price security

We not only supply products, but also see ourselves as a development partner for our customers, creating safety stocks, recycling raw materials and much more are all part of the TechnoKer offer.


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Locations & Partners

TechnoKer is internationally networked and maintains partnerships in Asia as well as in the USA, Mexico and Canada.

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